Introducing a historic single-owner collection that features some of the finest examples of 

comic books and magazines from the late Silver and early Bronze Age.

The collection will be released in small batches over the coming months as they return from grading.

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Nearly every month between 1968-1975,  the owner of this collection would visit spinner racks and newsstands around his home town of Portland, Oregon, and buy stacks of comics, Sci-Fi  and Horror Magazines. Some he would read, but most were directly bagged,  boarded and stored safely away. 


For nearly 50 years they sat undisturbed in a temperature-controlled environment.


The Oregon Coast Collection (OCC) contains several thousand books in exceptional condition, with some in large or small runs.  Classics like Marvel Spotlight, House of Secrets , Silver Surfer, Spiderman and Green Lantern are among the many titles to be found here. OCC also includes lower-grade grails from the early Silver Age such as AF15, Hulk 1 and TOS 39, which  the owner bought at used bookstores in the area.  Represented here are publishers from Marvel, DC,  Western, Dell, Gold Key, Charlton, to Skywald,  Gladstone  Warren and more.

This collection is a true time capsule with many books that look like they just came off the press yesterday. The colors are incredibly bright & vibrant,  the covers still have their gloss, the corners are sharp and the page quality is superior.


Note: The Oregon Coast Collection is not an officially recognized CGC pedigree since it consists of mainly Bronze Age comics and therefore does not qualify.

TRL Comics connects clients of  Susan Cicconi and The Restoration Lab who are looking to buy or sell high-value comics in a safe, discrete, and personal environment. We are not a high volume dealer and are highly selective about the books we represent  (like this stunning Tec 33 CGC 5.0). Please let us know if you have a special comic or small collection you would like us to help sell. 


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